Listening for events

Agastya emits information every time an important event occurs. You can listen to an event by adding an event listener using the agastya.on() method:

const listener = () => {
  console.log("Agastya widget was opened");
agastya.on("open", listener);

Removing an event listener is equally easy:"open", listener);

When loading asynchronously

When you're using the Agastya loader script, it's recommended you use the window.agastyaSettings technique instead of window.agastya, because the global agastya object may not be ready yet:

window.agastyaSettings = window.agastyaSettings || {};
window.agastyaSettings.on = {
  ready: () => {
    // Now, we know for sure that window.agastya is available

Emitted events

The following events are emitted by Agastya:

Event Returns Emitted when
ready Nothing Agastya is ready
error Nothing API key error
start Nothing Agastya has started
create Nothing Before appending widget
iframe-appended Nothing After appending widget
communication-requested Nothing Messaging widget
open Nothing Widget is opened
close Nothing Widget is closed
error-js-module Nothing Unable to load module
button-appended Agastya button After appending button
toggle Agastya button Widget is toggled
cached-preferences Styles object Got user's preferences
secure-track Tracking object Tracking a custom event
preloaded-external-css File URL Got cached stylesheet
loading-external-css File URL Loading stylesheet
loaded-external-css File URL Completed loading stylesheet
preloaded-js-module File URL Got cached JS module
loading-js-module File URL Loading JS module
loaded-js-module File URL Completed loading JS module
inject-css Style DOM element Injecting CSS styles
update-css Styles object Updating styles object
track Tracking object Tracking event

Custom events

You can also emit your own events using agastya.$emit():

agastya.on("my-custom-event", data => {
    console.log(`Custom event fired: ${}`);
agastya.$emit("my-custom-event", { info: "my-custom-parameter" });
// Custom event fired: my-custom-parameter