Getting started

To get started with Oswald Labs Platform, sign up for Agastya. Enter your name, website details, and create an Oswald Labs account.

Create an API key

Agastya Admin

Log in to Agastya Admin and create an API key by clicking on the "Create a New Key" button. Then, remember the newly generated API key and proceed to Installation.

Screenshot of Agastya admin

Platform APIs

Alternately, you can also generate a new API key through our public APIs:


The response from this PUT request looks like this:

    "created": "YOUR_API_KEY"

This request needs authentication, so make sure you pass a Bearer token in the request's header. The token can be generated by sending a request to the POST /auth/login endpoint with your credentials.

A request example using Axios:

const response = await axios({
    method: "PUT",
    url: "",
    headers: {
        Authorization: "Bearer YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"
const apiKey = response.created;