Agastya also supports embedding custom, third-party content. This can be used for services such as live chat, knowledge base, etc.

To set up an embed, you first have to create the URL:


In the above URL, replace TITLE with the the URL-encoded title of the embed page and URL with a URL-encoded URL. For example, this is the link to the Oswald Labs Help embed:


Navigation to embeds can be done through the Navigation API, or by creating a link using a call-to-action card from Agastya Admin:

const title = "Help";
const url = "https://help.oswaldlabs.com";
const navigateTo = `/pages/embed/?title=${encodeURIComponent(title)}&url=${encodeURIComponent(url)}`;

Gitter chat


Gitter chat embed

Discord chat

Using Titan Embeds, you can embed a Discord chat:


Discord chat embed

tlk.io chat


tlk.io chat embed

Typeform survey


Typeform survey embed