Dyslexia-friendly mode changes the page's layout and colors to a high-contrast black-on-yellow combination with the font Open Dyslexic.


White-on-black works best in conditions where there is very little light or no light at all. It doesn’t project the bright light to the eyes and the text is easier to read without putting extra effort on eyelids. It also inverts other visual elements.

Blue filter

The subtle shift to a sepia theme decreases the stark contrast of bright white light on black text that can strain the eyes, and is recommended for reading for longer durations due to lower screen luminescence.

Large font

Agastya also lets you increase the font size of the website using a slider for easier reading.

Read aloud

For users with visual impairment or blindness, Agastya comes built-in with a simple screen reader. Read Aloud starts reading the relevant content on the webpage, like article text.

To navigate Read Aloud, you can either use the buttons on the audio panel at the bottom of the screen or your keyboard. To make things easily understandable, Agastya reads text line-by-line. You can use the key to go the previous like and the key to skip to the next line. To pause read aloud, you can either click on the pause/play button or press the spacebar. To stop read aloud altogether, you can press on the cross button on the bottom right or the Esc key.

Browser support

Traditional web text-to-speech solutions make use of APIs which are highly browser-dependent. Agastya used our cloud technology and delivers high-quality text-to-speech in all supported browsers, even Internet Explorer 10.


Agastya also comes with built-in translation capabilities in over 100 languages using a machine translation service. For English content, Agastya uses neural machine translation that uses an artificial neural network to increase fluency and accuracy. See list of languages


Users can increase the website's contrast to make text more legible by sliding the contrast option.


To focus on content, desaturation converts the webpage into a grayscale version.

Big cursor

For users with eyesight problems or small screens, the mouse pointer is not always clearly visible. The big cursor mode increases the size of your cursor for easier browsing.

Legible fonts

Some websites have flamboyant typography which may be hard to read. Legible fonts converts all type on the webpage into your operating system's interface fonts. The typefaces used are:

  • macOS or iOS - San Francisco
  • Windows - Segoe UI
  • Android - Roboto
  • Ubuntu - Ubuntu

To make links easier to find, Highlight Links converts all links to a high-contrast yellow-on-black color. This makes navigation easy and understanding page structure more efficient.